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make Johale canon. 

His father’s death had meant that he’d had to meet an early end to his childhood whimsy. His impulsiveness and naivety perished years ago and has remained buried beneath hundreds of tons of earth ever since. To Gale, day-to-day life was a lot like having been thrown into a raging river. It was all he could do to keep from feeling like he was drowning despite the fact that he had been way in over his head for years.
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Gale, the selfless.


Oh dear, this is about to long and everywhere. I have strong feelings about Gale Hawthorne as a character.

First off, Gale is better than you and just about everyone else in this damn series. What kills me that so much of the Gale hate comes from people that can only see him from Katniss’ POV…



People are quick to judge Gale’s mistakes, but I don’t think he’s given enough credit for what he’s done right, and by always comparing him to Peeta, they seem to think he’s somewhat shadowed by the other boy’s acts of kindness. I’m here to tell you he isn’t.

Gale taught Katniss new ways of…


Josh and Liam at Twitter headquarters answering some questions!

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I know I’m not a conventional beauty. You can read a lot of painful things on the Internet, which criticise you aesthetically - but as far as I’m concerned, that’s not what an actress is.  — Natalie Dormer

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Well… so, this really happened! XD

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Anonymous asked:
LMFAO he doesn't deserve the hate? this little faggot deserves everything he's getting. he's being so careless about miley, dragging that cunt eiza around and sticking his tongue down her throat in public. i hope he heard all those people telling him to kill himself and takes their advice.


I wasn’t going to reply to this, but the temptation to talk about this subject is far too great for me to pass up. And also you’re being an ignorant asshole and honestly I’m a little disappointed that I have to share the same planet with you (and people like you).

First off, let me clarify to you that Liam and Miley were probably done weeks, maybe even months ago. It’s probably safe to say that their Paranoia rendezvous was a publicity stunt. Neither one of them looked comfortable with each other, and it was good PR. So for everyone to think that they literally just ended their relationship two days ago is absolutely ridiculous. They just announced publicly that they were done.

Is Liam helping himself at all by going out and not being too terribly careful about being seen with what is probably just a rebound? No he’s not. But that’s only because people are assuming that he’s been unfaithful to Miley this entire time, which supports the entire ‘reason’ as to why they broke up (and honestly anyone that’s followed them and has a bit of common sense knows this isn’t true).

Secondly, how dare anyone send ANYONE hate. Like any of you have the fucking right to literally send Liam calls and texts telling him to kill himself. The way people are acting, you’d think Liam brutally assaulted her or something. But this is no Sean Penn, Chris Brown shit. They broke up, Miley’s being made out to look like a victim (when she’s probably not, let’s be honest), and that’s it. People break up all the time.

Thirdly, do you assholes honestly think that Miley would want ANY OF YOU sending Liam such messages? Probably not. I hope she hears about what’s happening and is disgusted by the behavior you stellar internet people have displayed over the last three days.

In conclusion, don’t fucking come into my inbox and dare tell me that Liam deserves having legitimate death threats sent to his phone. Twitter was one line to cross (but not too terribly serious because it’s not like that lazy bastard checks his mentions anymore anyway), but to take his leaked phone number and to bombard him with messages like that is a whole other line. It’s unacceptable, and I hope you all learn proper human etiquette one day.

Now don’t come back, I have no time for your insanity. I don’t need this shit.